Tips to Assure a Lifetime of Performance From Your Water Treatment Systems

Arizona Water Tech specializes in maintaining reverse osmosis drinking water systems and water softeners. We follow manufacturers’ recommendations of filter changes every 6 to twelve months so that water quality is assured. Filter service is critical to the safe operation of your reverse osmosis. NSF (NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION) recommends carbon filters be changed out on a regular schedule to prevent any bacterial infection. The Metro water supply does have a mild bacteria present in the water which can use carbon filters as a food source thus becoming aggressive. Filters also collect hundreds of contaminants from the water supply which can saturate the filters and cause the contaminant to be ‘bumped off’ when overused. These contaminants then end up in the storage tank and multiply. As a precaution against bacteria we sanitize the storage tank every time a filter change is done.

We often hear some customers’ state that they delay filter changes due to low usage of the appliance. This is actually the worst thing for a reverse osmosis as it gives bacteria a chance to take a foot hold inside the filter. Reverse osmosis is an appliance that likes to be used. Use it for drinking, ice cubes, cooking, water plants, boiling pasta, making coffee & tea. You will notice an explosion of flavors when you use clean water for all your mixing needs. Dogs and cats prefer reverse osmosis water over tap water. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of clean water per day is recommended by dietitians to cleanse the system and for weight loss programs.

Many times we hear that the flavor of the water is ‘still good’ so we didn’t think to change the filters. Remember, the appliance is collecting dirt, contaminants and bacteria. In other words, your drinking water is traveling through the ‘trash’ your product has collected. Sure the flavor is different than what you get from the tap but remember, the water picks up items that have been collected and puts those items in your glass. Tastes better than tap but it is the unseen we need to worry about with dirty filters. The collective dirt then starts to build up pressure inside the filter and can cause leaks and flooding. There is nothing worse than a midnight water pressure spike hitting a dirty reverse osmosis system and causing a flood.

Don’t be a victim. Use your reverse osmosis system with confidence and be assured of the quality of the water by having regular filter changes and professional inspections of your pure water machine.

Water softeners don’t require the same schedule of professional maintenance but they do require periodic checks. Valve lubrication, resin inspections, multi-media change outs are all part of softener maintenance. Control valves should have wear parts lubed every couple of years. Some softeners have more than one media in the treatment tank and will require professional service to maintain manufacturer’s performance levels. Softener resins should have a cleaner applied yearly to assure longer life. However, resins will not last forever in our highly chlorinated water. Chlorine has a detrimental effect on water softener resins which will lose 3% to 5% of their holding power yearly. Resins will break and swell creating a lot of back pressure which can cause leakage and premature parts breakdown.

Many clients use whole house filters to reduce chlorine levels coming into the home. Chlorine has a detrimental effect on all plastic and rubber parts. Major appliances, mixing valves in showers, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters all are affected by dirt and chlorine in the water.

Remember, your water treatment takes a lot of abuse from the municipal water. However, you can trust in a well maintained product. Think of your car needing regular oil changes and your water equipment requiring yearly professional inspections to identify problem areas. Soft inspections are done when we change reverse osmosis filters so there is no added cost for the inspection.

One last thing. The biggest cause of water heater failure is lack of maintenance. Most of our customers have us do their regular heater maintenance at the same time we change the reverse osmosis filters. One service fee, three appliances protected.